I frequently ask myself if I believe in reincarnation and soul mates, and sometimes, I think that maybe I do. I think that maybe it’s connected to the exponential growth in population; when one soul dies, it’s split into two souls, two different people, and those two souls are soul mates, they have to find each other.

Then I think of the cycle after that. In the next generation, both of those souls would split into two different souls; four different souls that originated from one single soul. And once one of those souls has found another, fallen in love, the other two souls, if they find the each other, they’ll fall in love.

After all of that, any other parts of the original soul that aren’t in that relationship with one of their counterparts, they become your platonic best friends. But if one piece of that soul doesn’t find any other of those pieces, that’s the birth of depression, anger, and suicide, and any other various incarnations of pain that’s beyond our control. 

That’s why life is so confusing and infinitely complex. The beginning of humanity was so long ago; there are a lot of different fragments from that one original soul. It’s so difficult and scary to try to find that other part of you. We’re so far removed from the past, we no longer know our true origins, so all we can do is speculate and philosophize until we find something that we can believe, live for, and testify and prophesize to be to absolute truth. What do we call this original soul? Is it really what we call a god? Does this entity really have any control over us or where we were meant to go in life? Is there an after life? Or does our consciousness simply just fade away so that our soul can be split into two separate consciousnesses that will have no piece of this lifetime left to remember?

And is the original soul one of an entire population of souls? Is this entire universe just simply just the inside of one of many souls in a separate outer universe?

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SLC Punk! (1998)

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